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Welcome to the world of music, composing and recording for Belly Dance and beyond..

Sameh Sargious is an exceptional composer, music producer, teacher and musician from Alexandria / Egypt. He studied music and English at University of Alexandria using the instruments accordion, keyboard, flute, drum and darbuka.

He has an extraordinary sense for subtile nuances, which makes his music so special and different.

Performance, Teaching, Creating

Teaching music

Privat Lessons, Workshops und Classes

Vocal coaching, Piano, Keyboard, Nay, Darbuka



Oriental Keyboard and Accordeon for Bellydance

For informatin contact: +49 179 45 55 643

Download Music

Several new Bellydance songs, Megence and Golden Era compositions and arangements will be soon avaleble.

IIf you are looking for any special bellydance song please contact us.

Workshops & Show

Germany 2019/20


Workshops and Show in Germany


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Get your own Composition and CD Cover

Order your own Megence, Drum Solo, Classical Song or Rhythm, composed for you, with your own cd cover, and name of the song "Raks Lelya", "Raks Tahya" or what is your name?


Order for reasonable price



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