Sameh Sargious - Keyboard & Accordeon

Sameh Sargious studied music at University of Alexandria.


In addition to flute, accordion, piano and darbuka the keyborad is in his working and everyday life the most used instrument with which numerous compositions are worked out.


The instrument is especially important for live music shows and live music workshops.


As a keyboard player, Sameh can play on your show, or you can book him for a very special live music workshop.


At University the Accordeon was the main instrument and it is Samehs passion to play and teach it. The accordeon is a very important instrument in most oriental music and especially for Baladi Music for Belly Dance Shows and Workshops.



& Vocal Training, Vocal Recording, Accordeon, Nay, Darbuka

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Sameh  Sargious

/Egypt, Bielefeld/Germany


Phone: +49 179 4555 643


WhatsApp: +20 122 849 32 33





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