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As a Musician, Audio and Voice Engineer and Composer Sameh is creating, mixing and producing music on his own, keeping everything in one hand to create the finest with high quality.

His music is available via online shop:,  were you can listen to audio samples and order the music via download.


There is nothing better for a dancer than dancing with her own music composed especially for her. The Oriental Dance - Raks Sharki can not be more authentic, the great dancers in Cairo have always had their own compositions, which have made them unique and famous.


Sameh Sargious can compose a tailor-made music for you and you will succeed and make a name for yourself. The production takes place online under constant cooperation and sending suggestions.


Last but not least, you get a high resolution master as a download and of course a contract that guarantees you the music rights to "your" composition.





Order Your Own CD Cover

Apart from your own Composition you can also order your own CD Cover. It will be created within a few working days and send to you per Email in good quality.

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